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From New York to the Gray Lady

Sitting in the audience watching a theater production, it’s easy to get lost in the performance. The actors, the scenery, the lighting – it all works to transport us to another world, where we are spectators watching a story play out in front of us. It’s easy to forget, lost as we get in that imaginary world, that there is a veritable army of support staff that worked to make that production come to life. And no member of that army is more important than the producer.(Read the Article)

Deployed is a lively, passionate musical with book, music, and lyrics by Jessy Brouillard. It was staged as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF). More than just a love storyDeployed,searches for meaning in war and destruction.”

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- Theater Piazzaz


“...arresting, inventive, and frankly beautiful composition that keenly expresses the deeply human concerns that are at the center of this story. And in terms of embracing raw emotion, it’s also hardly an isolated moment in Deployed. Brouillard is adept at crafting songs that pierce to core of what these people are experiencing, and distills them to their irresistible elemental components.”

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- Talkin Broadway


“...delivered a production that could move to Broadway right now. Right now. RIGHT NOW!...” (read the full review)

- Peter Filichia's Diary

Such Good Friends

“encourage a batch of stirring performances” (full review)

- Jon Sobel, BC Blogcritics

Chamber Music

“Who needs plots when people are so deliciously and riotously interesting?” (full review)

- Larry Litt, New York Theatre Wire

Chamber Music 

Janna L. Goodwin's '...YOUR SAFETY...' to Play 2016 United Solo Festival

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