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You, Your Voice and Shakespeare Coaching Session
Voice and Classical Monologue Coaching

Private and Group Voice Coaching for the Actor Now Offered

Professional coaching sessions that are specifically geared toward discovering your best speaking voice and finding that quality of truth in you, the Actor. Vocal control and relaxation are the key to finding the truth of your character on stage!

Whether performing Shakespeare on the stage or preparing for that next audition with a classical monologue, this intense vocal session is a great opportunity to learn very specific steps in enhancing all of your performance needs. Learn relaxation techniques while freeing the natural speaking voice.

Kim Vasquez is also a classically trained Actor. She has studied extensively Vocal Awareness and Speech with Patsy Rodenburg (Michael Howard Studios, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, National Theatre) and Robert Perillo and Angela Vitale (The Stella Adler Conservatory and The National Shakespeare Conservatory).


You, Your Voice and Shakespeare Coaching Session
$100 per hour


Audition and Monologue Coaching
$100 per hour


Theatrical Consultation
on Skype, Email or Phone.
$175 per hour

Gray Lady Entertainment specializes in producing new musicals and plays nationwide and has produced multiple award-winning new musicals for over 10 years.

We offer great insight on the process of how to get your show from the page to the stage on a shoestring budget. Our trade secrets and expansive knowledge of the theatrical industry will help your creative team stay on track of your bottom line. Not an easy feat anywhere, especially NYC.

Ms. Vasquez is the Executive Artistic Producer of Gray Lady Entertainment, a theatrical producing and consulting company and a Founding Producer of The New York Musical Festival (NYMF)

Please contact Kim with serious inquiries only.
Auditioning is not necessary but she'd like to speak with everyone personally to see what level of training you’ve had. to sign-up on line.
 Email: or leave a message at 347-528-8892